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Digitalise Your Business - Digitise Yourself

Mana Technologies was founded by two independent business, technical and digital consultants who specialise in transforming businesses into digitally competitive entities. Working alongside industry leaders, they have discovered that there are two main issues businesses face today:

Not having the capital to invest in digital optimisation

Not having the knowledge or experience digitisation requires

There is no turning back in this 'online age', and corporations that fail to integrate, market and function using the latest digital tools and strategies, get left behind in the blink of an eye.

Digitalisation is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business. Moving online. Competing in the cloud.

This process can be very time consuming, very scary, very expensive, and very risky. As experts that use all the latest digital tools, we aim to make this process easy, and create brand-new revenue streams and marketing opportunities. We also DIGITISE, which is the process in which we convert all your data to online platforms.

We assess your unique needs, devise a Digital Strategy, implement the Strategy and align and train your employees to implement the strategy long after we have left.

  • Software Design & Development
    Software Design & Development
    We design and develop custom software solutions for you and your business in a variety of languages and platforms. Contact us with your specific requirements and we will get back to you with a quotation.
  • App Building & Design
    App Building & Design
    We develop mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. We assist you through the process of refining your idea, designing your user interface, rolling out to app stores, and maintaining the application after deployment.
  • Web Development & Design
    Web Development & Design
    We develop fantastic responsive websites for any function you require. We specialise in eCommerce websites and provide a wide range of advanced functionality extentions. Our websites are designed with user experience at the core, guarenteeing your viewers and customers get a seamless experience. We also ensure that you as the website owner are easily able to make small changes and updates.
  • Digitise Your Business
    Digitise Your Business
    We specialise in businesses online presence. We will assist you in building your business's presence on the internet, from a website, social media platforms, email marketing technology, CRM system and more, or any combination that suits your business model.
  • Online Marketing Strategy Consultation
    Online Marketing Strategy Consultation
    We offer digital marketing consultation services for your business or product. We assist you in creating and implementing a professional marketing campaign using the latest digital trends and tools in order to maximise organic reach and return.
  • Digital Strategy Consultation
    Digital Strategy Consultation
    We offer consultation services for any digital aspect of your business. We will assist you in growing and upgrading your business or products using our experience and expertise in the field.
  • CRM Setup & Implementation
    CRM Setup & Implementation
    We will plan and implement a full CRM system for your business. Our system is fully open source and requires no ongoing fees, regardless of the number of users. We will analyse your business and implement your exact requirements into the highly customisable system. You will be able to access your CRM both from your business's local network and remotely.
  • Build-Your-Own Workshop
    Build-Your-Own Workshop
    Put together your own custom on-site workshop, choosing from a variety of topics. We have developed this product to give our customers the best value for money, by specialising a workshop for your own company's unique business needs.
  • Explainer Videos
    Explainer Videos
    We create unique explainer videos for your business or product. We specialise in whiteboard animations, but can provide a wide range of formats to your taste. We are able to use an existing script developed by you, or we can build on or even create a script completely from scratch. We include a voice-over from a professional voice actor.
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